Are you considering refinishing your own bath?


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Bath resurfacing is not the best task to DIY! A good resurfacing finish on a bathtub should be very glossy, smooth to the touch, and have an equal appearance just like a new bath. You will never be able to replicate the glossy finish and feel professional resurfacing gives your bath, basin, or tiles with a DIY bath resurfacing kit!

Would you respray your own car? Resurfacing involves many identical skills and materials used by professional car manufactures. When you consider that 35% of all work performed by Bathtec is redoing someone else’s attempt to resurface a bath, you should think again before using a DIY bath resurfacing kit on your bath. or even tiles.

Bathtub Resurfacing – DIY?

A good bath refinishing job requires a great deal of preparation, which includes the use of special cleaners, bonding primers, fillers for cracks and chips, and the skill and experience to apply fast-drying coatings.

You will not get good results from a porcelain repair kit or bath refinishing kit, nor will you get the 5 Year warranty Bathtec offers.

The Bathtec process for resurfacing a bath includes:

Removing the existing coating
Using a specialised cleaning process to remove soap scum, body oil, and dirt
The use of our unique Bathtec S40, a safe non-acid bonding agent, to assure the new coating will bond and last
Acrylic, Plastic, Cast Iron, and Porcelain chip repair
Four or Five coats of high tech coating sprayed on to assure a smooth surface
An almost 30-year reputation for quality backed by a five-year adhesion warranty